Make any day, payday

Give your employees the choice of when they get paid through flexible access to wages that they’ve earned. All month long.

How it Works


Easy Access

Give employees access directly through your internal platforms or through one of our approved partners


Pay Cycle

At the end of a pay period, employees will receive the remaining portion of their salary as usual


Control Earnings

At the start of each pay period, employee earnings start to accumulate up to limits set by you

Build financial resilience of your employees

Empower your employees to build financial autonomy by providing them access to a portion of their earned wage.

Easy access to a portion of their salary when they need it, reducing reliance on credit cards or loans
No interest paid on funds accessed, just a small processing fee

Improve your employee wellbeing

Happier employees are more productive, take fewer sick days and stay with employers that treat them well for longer.

Improve productivity by up to 12%
Reduce sick days by up to 34%
Increase employee retention by up to 16%

Improve your internal ways of working

Implementation is hassle free, requires no change to your ways of working and gets rid of the burden of employee requests for salary advances.

Get rid of the headache of managing manual salary advances
No impact on your operational processes when employees access their pay
We take care of the payments and reconciliations in the background

A plug-and-play solution, customised to your business

Our earned wage access solution can be easily plugged into your internal systems for employees

Access detailed views of your company, employees, and payments
Get real time status updates
No change to your operational processes, we take care of the full process

Learn how CredibleX can help you “X” your business growth

With easy integration options, no cost and no financing risk, CredibleX powers your business as well as your customers’ by enabling access to financing.

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