Financing Solutions

Your customers can choose from a range of financing options to help them achieve their business goals. They can apply online in minutes and receive funds in 24 hours. No more waiting in line at the bank, pages of forms to fill in or waiting for weeks for an approval.

Fixed Term Loan

Our fixed-term loans are ideal for small businesses that want certainty over their monthly repayments over a fixed period of time of their choosing.

Repayment terms from one to 12 months
Fixed monthly repayments
Early repayment options
example fixed term loan terms
example invoice loan terms

Invoice Loan

We understand that payments to businesses are late from time to time, so we designed our invoice loan to address the gap between receiving payment of invoices and the daily cash flow needs of a small business.

Advance a portion of the amount due on the invoice
Flexible payback options from 5 to 90 days
Early repayment and extension options in case the unexpected occurs

Accounts Receivables Loan

This solution enables your customers to receive early payments for goods or services provided through your platform, perfect for companies involved in payment gateways, e-commerce, or delivery services.

Improve your cash flow position
Shorten the sales to payment cycle
Reduce administrative cost
example accounts receivable loan terms

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With easy integration options, no cost and no financing risk, CredibleX powers your business as well as your customers’ by enabling access to financing.

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